Devops Engineer

Job brief

Intetics Inc., a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for DevOps Engineer to work with one of our projects.

Briefly why this position may be interesting for you:

  • Work with a team of about 50 people
  • Experience with modern microservices architecture
  • Crossfunctional team of professionals (your personal professional upgrade)
  • Living healthcare US project (with regular working schedule)
  • Longterm project
  • You make an impact - the project is really helping and socially important

We are working on a healthcare product — from scratch, we are developing a multilayer, web-based platform, built on the basis of microservice architecture which supports numerous integrations with external web services and third-party applications. The integral parts and products the entire system is built off provide a wide range of management automation solutions in the business development, marketing, operations.


  • Strong experience background in managing a wide and high loaded on-premise architecture
  • Strong experience background in AWS hosted infrastructure design, deploy and support
  • Experience of setting up and manage infrastructure as a code approach
  • Practical experience of the migration to the cloud is a big plus
  • Understanding of cluster-based architecture and load balancing mechanisms and tools
  • Strong background in Linux Administration (Centos 6,7)
  • Understanding Microservices deployment mechanisms and patterns
  • Experience in Microservice application fabric
  • Domain-driven architecture and design understanding
  • Understanding of Networking and Security, experience OWASP regulations auditing and compliance
  • Strong work experience as a System Engineer supporting web application architectures (Nginx, Apache, .Net, C#, С++, Node.js, PHP, Python...)
  • MS SQL, My SQL database management
  • Experience with NoSQL Database technologies (Redis, Elastic Search, CouchDB)
  • Strong understanding of message queuing systems such as RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Monitoring tool stacks (Zabbix, Prometheus, Graphana, New Relic, Honeybadger)
  • Experience in Linux/Python/Bash/Ansible/Terraform Scripts - to handle complex automation/administration tasks
  • Experience in Automation and Configuration management in large multi-site environments using Ansible, Terraform
  • Experience in Continuous Integration and Build tools such as Jenkins
  • Working experience with Container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Ability to build UAT, like Sonar and other test tools
  • Experience in GIT workflows for multiple properties and APIs
  • JIRA Experience
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail; mission-critical production support experience.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and experience in working effectively in a cross-functional team


  • For cloud based solutions – design, scale, build, maintain an AWS infrastructure.
  • For On-premise – design, configure and ensure infra maintenance plan filled up timely and accurately (e.g. updates for Windows, Linux servers)
  • Design, set up and ensure a secure connection to network and systems (security protocols, firewall).
  • Create clusters and load balancers.
  • Install different applications, databases, libraries and so on.
  • Install, configure, backup oVirt Infrastructure and its VMs.
  • Plan and perform infra and data migration.
  • Investigate and support Log facility with Loki, Graphana and Prometheus.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve infra issues reported by users, developers, QA.
  • Setup and fully manage performance, security monitoring systems (e.g. Zabbix).
  • Create and implement backup and disaster recovery plans.
  • Write and ensure an up to date status for infrastructure documentation.

These are optional:

  • Help with an installation, configuration for switches (e.g. Supermicro and Cisco) .
  • Help with an installation, configuration, optimization, troubleshooting for issues with Bare Metal servers .
  • Manage installation for Jenkins instances and its slaves.
  • Install, configure, maintain, migrate Kazoo 2600HZ VOIP clusters.