PR Manager

Job brief

Intetics Inc., a leading global, 26 years “young,” technology company providing custom software development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for a talented  PR Manager to join a Digital Marketing team.

In this role, the PR manager is expected to speak and act on behalf of the Intetics brand, communicate with mass media, manage the information about the company, analyze company`s brand perception, create content, discover new opportunities to present the Intetics brand and its achievements, and take part in the development of the company`s brand. 

As a Media Officer, you should have both communicative and analytical skills. Within a successful hire, you will be responsible for the company’s presence all over the World mass media in the United States, Canada, UK, European Union, Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland), OAE, Australia, and Japan. Also, Media Officer will be engaged in PR strategy development and also responsible for the PR analysis, dashboard maintenance, and results in the presentation.

To be considered for this position, you will need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in journalism/communications or marketing. You will also need to have proven experience of working in the PR team of an enterprise-level company or work in mass media. A competency in team management is a huge advantage.

The Intetics Digital Marketing team is set up of professionals with technical, journalistic, marketing backgrounds and works in close collaboration delivering awesome results. We are looking for a team player with interesting experience and breath-catching ideas.

Intetics PR aiming 2 main targets:

  1. Intetics Brand Awareness.
  2. High conversion from PR activity to target traffic gated contact downloads to the Intetics new website. Generated thru verity of channels, namely: 
  • Website  
  • Communities 
  • Media  
  • Awards 
  • Directories
  • Blog post, Article, White Paper, Case Studies
  • Paid Ads: Engagement Campaigns, Follower Growth Campaigns, Contextual Ads, link building, lead generation tools, banners etc. 
  • Events 
  • Working with Professional Communities, Associations, Tech Parks, Partnership.


1. Make the Intetics Inc. brand sound in the mass media for the customers market. PR development strategic planning, content plan and managing of the set of tools.

2. Content marketing -content creation and repurposing: creating press releases, engaging content, writing articles, graphics, interviews, explanatory videos, articles, blog posts, White Papers, Case Studies, presentations.

3. Content distribution (organic and paid): make the Intetics Inc. brand sound in the mass media for client markets. Manage channels for content placement, create and maintain the database of mass media and partners for paid and free placement of content per each solutions, industry, competence. Make sure Intetics is present in any media outlet and publication where competition is present.

4. Discover or create various informational cases to be published or mentioned in different media and locations

5. Get in touch with journalists, editors, influencers, communities, etc. and provide them with useful “branded” information about the IT industry, Intetics’ projects, and corporate news.

6. Discover business directories and catalogs, and maintain Intetics presence there.

7. Research, apply and make sure Intetics wins industry awards

8. Plan budgets

9. Maintain a calendar of events, contests and collaborate with other company representatives.

10. Create a positive company’s image (taking into account geo, industry, target audience portrait) and analyze the brand perception.

11. Analytics:  

  • Monthly report on KEY metrics performance and effectiveness analysis for PR.
  • Monitoring and analysis of trends and competitors in the areas of PR. 

 12. Interaction with Sales and Marketing team, Delivery, Management, HR PR.


  • Communication skills and ability to find decision-makers, influencers, editors and contact them.
  • Hands-on experience with SMM/SEO, and related tools.
  • Proven ability to manage a budget.
  • Strong verbal/written presentation, communication skills.
  • Advanced, native-like English (grammar, speaking, and writing) is a must.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, self-management skills.
  • Competency and consistency with Microsoft applications including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or marketing.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience of working in the PR team of an enterprise-level company or work in mass media, specialized on IT/custom software development.
  • Proven achievements in PR campaigns (projects portfolio).