Research analyst (Junior IT Sales Manager)

Job description

Intetics is a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for a Research Analyst, who’ll research and identify ways to establish a deep relationship with accounts and prospects during the pre-sale phase. Research Analyst is responsible for investigation, analysis, interpretation and presentation data related to markets, operations, finance/accounting, customers, and other information in the specified fields.

A Research Analyst is the first contact point of the company. In this role, you will create a first impression and establish a new relationship with potential clients. Research Analyst will get in touch with numerous people setting up meetings for the C-Level and Directors of the company.

In a wide perspective your goals are:

  • to help the company to establish a long-term relationships with its prospects, 
  • being able to evaluate main decision-makers/influences of the customer,
  • to conduct good relationships with the customer’s team, to create brand and recognition.

On a practical level your responsibility is to investigate the exhaustive information around the target company and people, which will help for the sales department to address business needs precisely.


  • Great communication skills, warm and friendly manners, easiness in starting a direct relation
  • Strong client-oriented approach
  • Fluent English, written and spoken
  • Analytical way of thinking, the capability to handle diverse information sources
  • Self-management, persistency, result-oriented attitude
  • Good general IT-awareness, aptitude to a new knowledge
  • Open-mindedness, smart and creative performance

To be successful in this role, you should:

  • have experience with marketing campaigns and be comfortable with the investigation and analyzing business information,
  • you should be easy-going and broad-minded to conduct confident conversations. Ultimately, you’ll be the one who create awareness on the market, building bridges to the prospects.

Intetics considers its employees as one of the main value, so these are the benefits for our colleagues:

  • Working for a stable company with 25 years of history, the resident of HighTech Park.
  • Cooperation with constant exclusively Western European and North American customers / more than 200 customers around the world.
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in long-term projects in an active stage of development.
  • Payment of English language training on internal courses.
  • Sports activities compensation.
  • Medical care compensation.
  • Professional trainings, seminars, conferences compensation.