Research and Engagement Specialist

Job description

Intetics Inc., a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for a Research and Engagement Specialist, who’ll research and identify ways to establish deep relationship with accounts and prospects during marketing campaigns.


Research and Engagement Specialist is responsible for investigation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data related to markets, operations, finance, customers, and other information in the specified fields.


As a first person which gets in touch with prospect client on behalf of the Intetics Inc. brand Research and Engagement Specialist must have impressive communication and presentation skills. He must be deep in market trends, technology stack, development process and negotiation process. In a wide perspective Research and Engagement Specialist goal is to present Company’s vision, expertise, portfolio and services during long-term relationship with all the network in Linkedin, social networks and direct connections.


In this role the Research and Engagement Specialist is expected to collect information from different sources, process and analyze it, create marketing lists and work with them using a set of tools. Also it’s required to be on a short distance with any person from the specialist’s marketing list or network to perform social activity (comments, likes, shares), deliver valuable information (published by Intetcis Inc or anywhere) and understand the needs and pains of a contact to satisfy or recover them by our services.


To be considered for this position, you will need a minimum of master’s degree in any science, but PhD in exact sciences is highly appreciated. Strong knowledge of Marketing and Sales processes and experience with any CRM or marketing/sales automation tools are a huge advantage.


The Intetics Global Marketing team aims not on direct sales but on the whole team activity which goals are to understand market, to define key persons, to build the trusted relationship and to cover client’s needs. We’re looking for team player with interesting experience, analytical and communication skills.


Key objectives:


  •  Target market identification
  •  Marketing campaigns execution under supervision of Global Marketing Director
  •  Rigorous research around the defined list of accounts and/or contacts
  •  Collect data about decision makers, consumers, competition and market conditions of the target market
  •  Directories, open sources and job boards research, analytical resources leverage
  •  Devise and evaluate methods for collecting information
  •  Monitor, identify and forecast trends and industry specifics for regional market
  •  Making connections, establishing solid relationship with prospects during pre-sale phase
  •  Contacting leads via email or over the phone, via messengers, social networks
  •  Arranging meetings with identified stakeholders for the C-Level and Directors of the company
  •  Information support for the colleagues for the meetings set and during pre-sale phase
  •  Convert complex data and findings into understandable tables and reports for management


  • M.Sc. in any science, Ph.D. in exact sciences preferable
  •  3+ years’ experience in business analysis, financial or marketing analytics, IT sales or similar
  •  Knowledge of Account Based Marketing principles (CHAMP/BANT approach) is important
  •  Excellent analytical skills to be able to study and assess large amounts of data
  •  Hands on experience with marketing and sales automation tools, survey tools, business directories and analytical sources is a meaningful plus
  •  Paramount communication skills, to be able to build relationship with potential customers and colleagues
  •  Broad-minded, to be able to conduct an easy-going conversation with contacts of any level and any field of interests
  •  Critical thinking, scientific approach based and problem-solving skills
  •  Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and self-management skills
  •  Advanced English (grammar, speaking and writing) is a must
  •  Experience in IT is a huge plus
  •  Good knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook



Intetics considers its employees as one of the main value, so these are the benefits for our colleagues:

  • Working for a stable company with 24 years of history, the resident of HighTech Park.
  • Cooperation with constant exclusively Western European and North American customers / more than 200 customers around the world.
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in long-term projects in an active stage of development.
  • Payment of English language training on internal courses.
  • Sports activities compensation.
  • Medical care compensation.
  • Professional trainings, seminars, conferences compensation.