Senior Full-Stack (Python+JS) developer

Job brief

Intetics, a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for a Senior Full-Stack (Python+JS) developer to enrich its team with a skilled professional to spread company’s ideas, vision, content and messages.

About the project. We are a startup which has recently acquired a highly regarded, revenue earning software product which provides geolocation based insights to the Retail and Real Estate sectors. Already deployed and revenue earning in two European countries, with existing clients looking for further expansion into Europe, and a focus on releasing its potential across emerging markets, we aim to become a global player in location based analytics in our chosen sectors. We are looking to build a diverse, world class team of Developers, Data Scientists and Product Specialists to unleash the true potential of this product through the use of cutting edge technologies and techniques – to meet and exceed the demands of both developed and emerging markets globally. We’re here to make a dent in the geo-analytics universe.


Google Cloud, Kubernetes, kdb+ and Postgres databases.
Back end: Python (Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, Graphene, Pandas, Numpy and Fast.a).
Front end: Javascript (NodeJS) with TypeScript, React, Apollo, Mapbox-GL, Ant Design. Fully automated CICD using GitLab.

You will be the foundation of our Software Development team, play a leading role in shaping and growing it and be an integral part in the hands on designing and adding of new features to the product as per business and market requirements.
You will play a lead role in the knowledge transfer from the existing team, ensuring full and deep understanding of the entire stack and its implementation end to end in readiness for both operating and scaling the product, training of new recruits and further development of the product to met market requirements.


Technical Requirements
• 3-5 years experience in working on client/market facing product, ideally in a SaaS type environment.
• Experience in building and deploying across the tech stack, front end and back end.
• Experience in working in a Data Science & Big Data environment with large datasets.
• Experience with cloud technologies, ideally Google Cloud, and orchestration/workflow via Kubenetes& Docker etc or equivalents.
• Experience in agile methodologies and leading sub teams (view to stepping up and leading software development).
• Experience with Python (Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, Pandas, Numpy, Graphene,, SQL, PostGres on backend, and React, NodeJS, TypeScript on frontend.
• Experience in API and / or SDK development.


• Working with geolocation/geospatial data and MapBoxGL, Open StreetMap or equivalent.
• Working with GraphQL.
• Experience in KDB+ and q would be a bonus but not essential – training would be given.
• Experience building or leading teams.