Senior Golang Software Engineer

Job brief

Intetics Inc., a leading global technology company providing custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions, is looking for Senior Golang Software Engineer with experience in enterprise-level software development in building and automating cloud-native platforms. This position will entail designing and developing Authentication/Authorization services and web applications for the foundation of big education platform.


  • Hands-on software development experience with a focus on continuous delivery and deployment, enterprise application development, cloud automation, and building a container-hosting platform.
  • Architect, design, build, and deliver highly available, scalable, and resilient and establish clear service boundaries and contracts between different systems.
  • Work collaboratively with product managers and engineering leaders with the expectation of driving solutions with them.
  • Provide support for deployments/builds of software and features through various environments.
  • Write automation tests for the features and able to run smoke/regression tests in various SDLC and solve customer issues/defects in a timely/efficient manner.
  • Provide documentation, guidance, and support to teams on target architectures and engineering best practices that enhance education.
  • Learn new technologies to develop new tools and improve existing noes.


  • 4+ years of hands-on experience in Go
  • or 4+ years of hands-on experience in Java/.NET/Node.JS and willing to switch to Go.
  • Able to design, implement, and build microservices.
  • Experience with cloud technologies (specifically Amazon Web Services).
  • Hands-on experience with various SQL databases (Postgres, MySQL, etc.) and able to design data models, tune queries.
  • Experience with caching technologies like Redis.
  • Experience with Build/deploy tools and pipelines like Jenkins, Circle, etc.
  • Experience with Docker containers.
  • Upper-Intermediate English.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Golang to build enterprise applications.
  • Experience with queues/streams like SQS, Kafka, Kinesis, etc.
  • Knowledge of NoSQL database technologies like Couchbase, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.
  • Experience with Application monitoring tools like New Relic, Datadog, etc.
  • Experience with container orchestration like Kubernetes/ECS.
  • Experience with Terraform / Infrastructure as code.
  • Experience with Front End Development using JavaScript and related frameworks & libraries like Angular, Node.JS.