Senior Python Backend Developer

Job description

This software is needed for communication between the customer and the contractor.


How does this happen:

The customer can order satellite images of certain territories or image processing to detect deforestation, field productivity, etc. The customer downloads GeoJSON with the coordinates of the territory (or selects the area on the map) that needs to be processed and the period for which it is necessary to analyze. The contractor unloads->downloads the data, processes it outside the system and downloads->unloads the analytics file. The system displays a graph with indicators to the client. 

There will also be a simple admin panel.

Team size: 1 backend developer 1 frontend developer and 1 QA.


The main requirement is to write code quickly and efficiently!

  • knowledge of web frameworks (Django)
  • experience with PostgreSQL
  • experience with PostGIS would be a plus
  • experience with maps would be a plus
  • English level isn't critical!